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Organic Feed

One of the most common question we get is why do we use all organic feeds?  While organic feed is more expensive than regular feed, we think it's worth it!  Over the years we have found that organically fed animals are healthier and vet visits are reduced. 

When we first started our farm we fed our animals non-organic feed and minerals.  However after researching and attending the national MOSA conference, we decided to raise our broiler chickens using certified organic feed.  We raised our first batch (100 chickens) on 100% organically certified broiler feed.  We had virtually no problems and the taste was exceptional!  We then switched our laying flock to organic chicken feed and we noticed better tasting eggs and that our layers produced more and laid longer on the organic feed.  We we were sold on using organic feed and switched our Olde English Babydoll sheep and the rest of our animals to organic feed. 

Finding the feed was a challenge.   After much research and on farm trials we determined that Cashton Farm Supply produced the best organic feed. It MOSA certified and contains no pellets or crumbles.  Our animals love it!  The only problem was that nobody in Minnesota carried this feed, so we opened up our feed store (organicfeedstore.com).  Today we are the number one dealer of Cashton Feeds (CFS).  We believe this is because we use what we sell and can show pictures of our animals that are raised on this feed.

We Feed Our Animals Certified Organic Feed

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