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Raising Free Range Chickens

Raising Free Range Chickens (broilers) is a good project for the Hobby Farmer.  From start to finish it takes about eight weeks to grow a four to six pound (dressed) chicken raised on organic feed and good pasture.  Depending on the number of birds, we spend about thirty to sixty minutes per day taking care of the free range chickens. 

 Baby Chicks Arrive - When the baby chicks arrive, they are quickly placed in a broader pen.   A broader is an enclosed area that protects the chicks from the elements and predators.  As we unload the chicks we dip their beaks in water to insure that they are properly hydrated.  At this point we provide them unlimited access to organic broiler starter feed which is 20% protein. Baby Chicks Arrive  
 Free Range Chickens Moved to the field  Ready For the Field - When the chickens are about three weeks old, we move them to the field.  We make sure that grass is no longer than 3 inches tall.  This is the time that we switch them to 18% organic grower feed.
 First Day In The Field - The first day in the field is critical to the success of raising free range broiler chickens.  We make sure that they have plenty of feed and water.  After the first day, make sure to only give them enough to last the day as you want them to be actively looking for bugs and eating the grass.  Free Range Chickens In the Field
 Free Range Broiler Chickens with Guardians  Guardians - Our chickens are raised in a fenced pasture and protected by our guardian Llamas who stay in the pasture with the chickens.  Our Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys protect the outside perimeter.  If you don't have guardians, we have used Nite Guard Solar Powered Predator Lites.
 Shelter - We use Shelter Logic Canopy Tents to provide our free range chickens with shelter.  The tents are easy to move and protect our broilers from the elements. Note:  We remove the legs and only use the main frame to shelter the birds.  Free Range Chickens 6 Weeks Old
 Broilers at 7 weeks  Ready For Finishing - These birds are about seven weeks old and will be taken to slaughter at eight weeks.  Once the birds are removed we will not use the pasture for free range chickens until the next year.

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