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10% of the net proceeds go to support the animals of Rivers Critters Ranch.

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Item #PSF20131105
Product: Surveying the Farm - Unframed
Price: $9.95

"Surveying The Farm"

This 11” x 17” poster features our oldest Indian Blue peacock, Magic. The telephoto picture features this majestic peacock in a protective stance high atop one of our barns. It is printed on a 10 pt. card stock with a soft gloss finish which features an AQ (aqueous) coating. The poster is accompanied by a Certificate of Guarantee that is signed by one of the owners/operators of Rivers Critters Ranch. On the reverse side of this guarantee you will find a story about Magic.  Ten percent of the net proceeds from these posters will go to support Magic and some of his other friends at Rivers Critters Ranch.  You can purchase "Surveying The Farm" framed by clicking here.

About "Surveying The Farm"

Magic is our oldest peacock. He shows his protectiveness of the farm by taking up his post on one of the highest buildings on the farm. He is a true guardian in every sense of the word.Surveying the Farm Peacock Poster (C) Rivers Critters Ranch LLC  While in his statuesque stand he continually surveys the skyline and sends up a call if he sees anything that is out of the ordinary. Or, more importantly, if anyone is not in their assigned pasture.


One lazy summer afternoon, he sent up several loud calls. So many that it brought me running out of the house. As I made my appearance in the compound, I saw him running past the house and down the drive with three other peacocks following him. I dashed to the drive to see that they were chasing three of our miniature donkeys. My heart pounded, the donkeys were out of their pasture and the last thing I wanted to spend the day doing was chasing donkeys throughout our neighbors fields. I ran to the barn,  filled a bucket with grain and grabbed leads. When I exited the feed room, the donkeys were barreling down the drive back to the barn. Wild eyed, with adrenaline driving my legs to the barn doors, I grabbed them and threw them open. The donkeys hustled into the barn and into their stalls with the peacocks hot on their tails. I stood quietly as the donkeys received their “balling out” for leaving the area. After a few minutes, the peacocks fluffed their feathers and stalked out of the barn. I thanked them as they left and shook my head at the donkeys.


The only thing I could add was a time out in their stalls.


Framed Posters

Peaceful Moment

Shadow Puppet

Afternoon Bath

Posters are framed in a slim profile black matte frame which features a snap opening that is easy to use. It can be mounted in the vertical or landscape position and includes the required screws and anchors for hanging.  The frames overall dimensions are 12 3/16" x 18 3/16" with the visible are of 10 1/4" by 16 1/4".