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10% of the net proceeds go to support the animals of Rivers Critters Ranch.

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Item #PSSL20131104
Product: Samson's Shimmering Locks Unframed
Price: $9.95

Samson's Shimmering Locks Peacock PosterSamson's Shimmering Locks 

This 11” x 17” poster features Samson, one of our white peacocks. This photo caught him fanning as he preformed for prospective mates during the breeding season.  It is printed on a 10 pt. card stock with a soft gloss finish which features an AQ (aqueous) coating. The poster is accompanied by a Certificate of Guarantee that is signed by one of the owners/operators of Rivers Critters Ranch. On the reverse side of this guarantee you will find the story about Samson.  Ten percent of the net proceeds from these posters will go to support Samson and some of his other friends on the Rivers Critters Ranch.

Samson's Story:  Samson was one of our first white peacocks. I was thrilled to finally have a white peacock as I find their bridal fan of tail feathers to be magical—they bring to mind a fairytale. Of course, it takes a peacock three years to grow a full train but it is worth the wait. And, believe me, Samson knows he is special.


Peacocks mate in the spring and early summer; they use their long magnificent tail feathers to attract a mate. The male will vibrate his tail and turn left and right to attract the female even though she will pretend that she does not notice him.


This is Samson’s specialty. He performs his ritual dance for every female on the farm no matter what species—hens, cats, dogs, llamas, guineas, sheep, donkeys and me. I am sure he does not feel threatened or that he is trying to threaten the onlooker because he twirls around. I am confident that he would not turn around if he did not trust you. We all stand mesmerized as we watch his complete dance; the fantastic spread of his feathers into a fan, a turn to either side, a shimmy and shake of his feathers, and then his slow majestic twirl as he shows the complete spectacle of his train. He always looks quite satisfied with his performance. In fact, sometimes he will repeat it several times, if you seem appropriately awed. Predictably, the peahens seemingly pay no attention to him at all. And, this year I have noticed that the chickens no longer pay any attention to him. I am not sure whether he no longer impresses the hens or whether they are playing into the mating ritual. Meanwhile, the female donkeys are still impressed.

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Posters are framed in a slim profile black matte frame which features a snap opening that is easy to use. It can be mounted in the vertical or landscape position and includes the required screws and anchors for hanging.  The frames overall dimensions are 12 3/16" x 18 3/16" with the visible are of 10 1/4" by 16 1/4".