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Early in my career, on the first day of a new job, I was called into the president's office.  At that time I was hired in as the first "PC" (personal computer) guy in a mainframe shop, my role was to support the PC needs (hardware, software, programming and support) for the company (side note:  wasn't fun to be the only PC person in a 20 person mainframe programming shop but that's for another time.)  As I walked into the president's office not knowing why I was wanted, I first noticed that there wasn't a door on his office... I must have paused as I entered because Doug, the president quickly spoke up.  "Mr. Rivers two things you need to know about me:  First, you noticed I don't have a door...I tell people my door is always open and I mean it.  Second, see that sign... Lead, Follow or get out of my Way, that's how we run this company."  That's all he said and my meeting with the president ended.  Over the years I learned that Doug was a man of his words and I was able to lead the company into the new age of PC's, email, programming and networking.  So why am I sharing this?


First, I want to remind everyone that my door is always open and I do value each person's input.  No matter how busy I may appear to be, I will always try to make time for you.   It might be a meeting, a phone call on my drive in, lunch, impromptu discussion in the hall or even walking around the block (yes I am able to talk and walk).  The message is simple...if you have something to say...My Door is Always Open.  Second, if you have a good idea, take the time to write it down and share it with the team.  It's easy to talk about an idea...harder to write it down and sell it.   The weekly I.T. meeting is a great forum to share your ideas and thoughts...Lead, Follow or get out of my Way, each of you can make a difference.


Rivers Critters Ranch, LLC

We own and operate Rivers Critters Ranch, LLC, which was founded in 1997.  As the name suggests the farm belongs to the animals we seem to be just the caretakers.

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This site is dedicated to those of us who have dream to farm.   Inside you will find information, stories, pictures and advice outlining the experiences of a city born family who acted upon the dream to move to the country and  live on a farm.  Join us as we share our adventures! 

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