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Winter in Minnesota ...

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Hobby Farm Dreams

January 2010 www.hobbyfarmdreams.com

Newsletter Announced

During the last few years our clients have asked us to share our expertise on a more regular basis. Our newly launched electronic newsletter will allow us to do that. So, get ready for spring and sign up today!

Upcoming Issues Include:

Raising Free Range Chickens Organically

Organic Gardening, Companion Planting, and Beneficial Insects

Cover Crops

Starting a Backyard Laying Flock

Farmhouse Recipes

Animals for the Hobby Farm

Guardians for your Farm

And More......

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Organic Backyard Chicken Flock


If you are looking for a source of organic feed visit our organic feed store at www.organicfeedstore.com We carry a complete line of MOSA Certified Feed for all types of hoofed animals and poultry.

Organic Layer Feed

Hobby Farm Dreams and Organic Feed Store.com are owned and operated by a family run enterprise, dedicated to preserving the entrepreneurial spirit of the American Family Farmer.

Hobby Farm Dreams, LLC
16291 321st Ave, Hamburg, MN 55339

Rivers Critters Ranch, LLC

We own and operate Rivers Critters Ranch, LLC, which was founded in 1997.  As the name suggests the farm belongs to the animals we seem to be just the caretakers.

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About Us

This site is dedicated to those of us who have dream to farm.   Inside you will find information, stories, pictures and advice outlining the experiences of a city born family who acted upon the dream to move to the country and  live on a farm.  Join us as we share our adventures! 

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News and Events

Hobby Farm Dreams is launching the Hobby Farm Dreams Gift Shoppe.

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